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GAA Newsletter is a technical publication of the Geostatistical Association of Australasia (GAA). The newsletter has been established by the GAA to provide Australasian geoscientists and statisticians with a forum for publishing papers, reviews and short notes dealing with any aspect of geostatistical research and practice.  

Publication of this newsletter is a demonstration of GAA’s commitment to supporting the ongoing professional development of its members and promoting the important roles of geosciences and geostatisticians in society, both within Australasia and internationally.  

All contributions to the Newsletter are peer-reviewed.  

The GAA Newsletter is published in 'PDF' format, primarily distributed by email and available through the GAA website for both GAA members and visitors with the aim of promoting Australasian geoscientific expertise throughout the world.

Address for Contributions

Geostatistical Association of Australasia
PO Box 1719
West Perth WA 6872


GAA members interested to assist with reviewing technical articles and recently published books should contact the Newsletter team by e-mail at or by mail at the address above.


GAA Newsletter papers are available for download as Adobe Acrobat documents (pdf files).