Beyond Ordinary Kriging Symposium
Proceedings of a symposium held Friday 30th October 1998
Perth, Western Australia
Original papers compiled by J. Vann and M. Humphries.
PDF files and CD compiled by S. M. Searston and R. J. Warner

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Beyond Ordinary Kriging -- An Overview of Non-linear Estimation (364 Kb)
John Vann and Daniel Guibal, Geoval

A practitioners implementation of indicator kriging (399 Kb)
Ian Glacken and Paul Blackney, Snowden Associates

The Application of Indicator Kriging in the Modelling of Geological Data (155 Kb)
Brett Gossage, Resource Service Group

Non-Linear Modelling of Geological Continuity (307 Kb)
John Henstridge, Data Analysis Australia

Comparison of Median and Full Indicator Kriging in the Analysis of a Gold
(406 Kb)
Donna Hill, Ute Mueller, Lyn Bloom, Edith Cowan University

Local recoverable estimation: A case study in uniform conditioning on the
Wandoo Project for Boddington Gold Mine
(891 Kb)
Michael Humphreys, Geoval

A case study using indicator kriging — the Mount Morgan Gold-Copper
Deposit, Queensland
(360 Kb)
Ivor Jones, WMC Resources

Practical application of multiple indicator kriging and conditional simulation to
recoverable resource estimation for the Halley’s lateritic nickel deposit.
(377 Kb)
Ian Lipton, Richard Gaze, John Horton and Sia Khosrowshahi, Mining and Resource Technology

Median Indicator Kriging - A Case Study in Iron Ore (844 Kb)
Alison Keogh and Craig Moulton, Hamersley Iron

A proposed approach to change of support correction for multiple indicator
kriging, based on p-field simulation
(277 Kb)
Sia Khosrowshahi, Richard Gaze and Bill Shaw, Mining and Resource Technology

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